Podiatry Compounding

Podiatry is Devoted to the Study, Diagnosis and Treatment of Disorders of the Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg.

90% of adults with arthritis and 25% of those with diabetes commonly suffer from foot problems. Common symptoms include pain, swelling, poor circulation and neuropathy-caused insensitivity or numbness.

Many Foot Problems May Be Helped with Compounded Medications

We commonly prepare unique formulations that we develop with prescribers to meet the specific needs of their patients, or “tried and true” formulas we’ve acquired during our professional training and experience. We can add penetrant enhancers to improve the extent of absorption of topically applied medications. We can combine numerous compatible medications into a single dosage form for ease of administration. And we can achieve a synergistic effect when we use certain medications concomitantly.

CAP RX Can Tailor the Medication, Strength and Delivery Form to Suit Your Needs Through the Art and Science of Compounding

Therapeutic results depend not only on the selection of drug, but also the use of a proper base and preparation technique. Below is a list of just a few of the preparations we can compound for podiatry. Please ask your doctor to contact our compounding pharmacists to discuss the dosage form, strength, and medication or combination that is most appropriate for your needs.

  • Fluconazole/Ibuprofen topical gel
  • Glycophate cream
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Itraconazole in DMSO solution
  • Ketamine/Gabapentin transdermal gel
  • Ketoprofen 10% topical gel
  • KOH solution – 5% and 10%
  • Phenytoin topical
  • Urea 40% ointment